Plants, Spaces & Rooties

A very important element to give life to our spaces are plants, and when we talk about decorating our interior spaces with plants, we usually focus on choosing the right species, the right location and the necessary care. But there is an aspect of design that we often overlook and that can make a big difference in the aesthetics of our spaces: The pots, which like any other piece, must be selected to maintain harmony with all the elements. We tell you our tips and a little more about how choosing all the pieces in your spaces makes a difference.

Design all your spaces:

When we think about options to place our plants in our spaces, it is common not to think about it too much, find a space and put our new plant friend, but plants are a decoration element that can balance or unbalance a space, which is why it is important to choose your plants and select the right color palette to make the space feel balanced. In a modern space, color, design elements and color add a dose of style and personality piece by piece. By choosing where to put your plants, you have the opportunity to express your creativity and add a unique touch.

Color is your best friend:

The selection of colors says it all about a space, both in a minimalist and maximalist space, color is one of the most important elements, having a varied palette to choose from in our pots is one of our objectives to incorporate color into your spaces. At Rootmate as color lovers, we love to see how rooties can make a difference in a space by adding a touch of color or be in harmony with more subtle and soft tones. Color can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

The perfect rootie:

Plants, as we already mentioned, both indoors and outdoors are an element of decoration, a plant can make a space that felt empty feel designed. We know there's always room for a rootie. For example, The Sticks is our most popular piece, it is a piece that on its own works as an accent element as well as being the perfect companion next to a sofa or on a smooth wall, thanks to its shape and texture. The Sticks It has become iconic. If you are looking for a piece that always combines in a space, The Cylinder is your perfect option. Apart from being the rootie that has the most variety of sizes, whether alone or accompanied, there is always room for The Cylinder. Our favorite way to design spaces with this piece is place three of the same, a look that never goes out of style. Finally, our The Half rootie, a modern and versatile interpretation of a planter, The Half never goes unnoticed due to its design. Our favorite way to place them is one in front of the other to give the feeling of depth in a space that may have seemed empty before.

The choice of plants and their pieces can make a big difference in the aesthetics and design of your interior spaces. Plants and roots are design elements, which give us the option to select our perfect piece taking into account the shape, textures and colors, adding style, personality and energy to your spaces. We hope that now you are as much a lover of plants in spaces as we are and if you have a rootie and are part of the #PlantMateClub we would love to see it! Share us photos of your space, we will love it.

Plant some love.

The Rootmate team.