Benefits of Having Plants at Home

Hello Plant Mates!

We fully understand that we live in a modern world that can be crazy at times. With technology always present and our agendas full, it is increasingly difficult to find a respite and catch a moment of peace in the midst of chaos. But don't worry Plant Mates, we have good news! There is a surprisingly simple and beautiful solution to bring peace to our corners.

Having plants at home not only dramatically elevates our space, but they also provide incredible benefits to our health, from improving the air we breathe to giving us an emotional boost. Our rooties are the best answer to find peace in a world that never gets tired. Next, we will tell you about some benefits of having plants at home and how they can transform your space, your mood and your health.

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Benefits that plants bring to your home and well-being

How do plants improve your health?

They purify the air

    Without a doubt, it is a fact that you have heard about photosynthesis. Which is a process of our friends the plants in which they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the air we breathe. This natural process not only contributes to producing purer air, but also improves its quality, giving a good boost to that breeze that circulates in your home.

    In addition, studies have shown that certain plants such as sanseviera, areca palm, philodendron or mother-in-law's tongue can filter toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia. These toxins often hide inside us and can cause headaches and fatigue. These symptoms are better known as “sick building,” and they define it as a condition due to the lack of fresh air and the presence of contaminants in closed buildings. The good news is that plants are experts at improving air quality, making our environment a healthier place to work, rest and live.

    His trick under the leaf

      If you live in a place where the climate is very dry or if you use air conditioning or heating a lot, don't worry, plants know perfectly well how to keep your space cool and much more comfortable by increasing the humidity of the air. They do this through transpiration (which is basically plants' version of sweating) where they release water vapor into the air.

      The emotional power of plants

      They reduce stress

        Research has revealed something incredible about plants: they are experts at reducing cortisol, the infamous stress and anxiety hormone. Simply put, a home with plants is a vibrant home full of life. Plants in our homes have a notable effect on improving our mood and raising our energy. Interacting with plants connects us with nature and awakens positive emotions, such as joy and satisfaction.

        They stimulate creativity

          Spoiler alert! Surrounding ourselves with plants increases our creativity and inspiration. The presence of natural elements in our rooms generates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, which unleashes concentration and creative thinking.

          Increase concentration and productivity

            Plants not only elevate your space in decor , but also increase concentration and productivity. The University of Exeter conducted a study that found that employees were 15% more productive when their workspaces were decorated with plants. So Plant Mate, a little bit of plants on your desk could be just what you need to feel more relaxed and focused.

            Benefits for environmental quality

            Acoustic isolation

              It turns out that plants have the ability to absorb and deflect sound thanks to their leaves, stems and roots that act as excellent natural silencers. This makes them perfect allies to reduce noise and turn your home into a true haven of peace, giving you that calm and cozy atmosphere that you so deserve.

              They regulate the temperature

                During the summer, when the sun's rays are full, the plants create a cool and pleasant atmosphere. Amazing, right? Its secret is in the evaporation of water through its leaves. On the other hand, when winter comes, plants absorb and retain heat, giving you a warm and comfortable environment.

                They protect you against electromagnetic radiation

                  Specifically, our friends, the cacti that we love so much, have the ability to absorb radiation emitted by electronic devices.

                  indoor pots

                  Design in our homes

                  In addition to having a ton of benefits, such as purifying the air, lifting our spirits and quieting those annoying noises, they also brighten the eyes like nothing else in the room. With their impressive diversity of species, textures, colors and shapes, indoor potted plants invite us to be creative with our decoration, allowing us to express our unique and personal style.

                  Think about it! A well-selected pot is not only a beautiful decorative accessory, it is a living work of art that reflects our personality and adds that special touch to our spaces. And, you know what else? That serenity that we seek after a busy day, those positive vibrations that we seek so much so that our workplace is productive... plants give us everything.

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                  At the end of this green journey, if we have learned anything, it is that our friends plants are much more than a pretty decoration. They are, in essence, a fusion that not only beautifies our homes and workplaces, but also enriches our lives in multiple dimensions, offering us an oasis of peace in the daily routine. They are capable of transforming any space into a haven of well-being and beauty, which is why our love for plants is much more than a hobby.

                  So now you know Plan Mate! Whether you already have a jungle at home or are just starting this journey of love for plants, we encourage you to continue discovering the green magic of indoor plants and continue transforming your world as it has transformed us.

                  Plant some love!
                  The Rootmate Team