Planted Myths

Plants are an important part of our space and our daily lives but there are many myths that have been planted in us and not all of them are true or at least they have not been proven. And from plant mate to plant mate we share which ones to apply and which ones not to apply, these are some of the most popular myths that you have surely heard:

Indoor plants need direct light

You've probably heard that indoor plants have to be in a place where they get direct light, but this is only true for some types of plants. Many of the plants we put indoors suffer burns on their leaves when they are in direct light. Our recommendation is to know under what conditions the plant grew, and replicate them in our home.

Aspirin extends the life of flowers

This is totally true, some studies have shown that aspirin can have beneficial effects on plant growth but these effects are limited. Although this is true, it is not the healthiest for our plants and can be counterproductive for them, so we recommend not doing it too often. If what you want is to extend the life of your flowers, it is better to cut a small portion of the flower stem from time to time with a diagonal cut. This will help the flowers absorb fresh water and keep them fresher longer.

Plants need water every day

Not all plants need to be watered every day. The frequency depends on the type of plant, the climate and the conditions of the space in which we have it. It is important to know how often we have to water our plants because it is more common for us to overwater them.

Music stimulates growth

One of the most common myths that we have surely heard is that we should talk to our plants and play music to them. Although some studies have said that plants can respond to certain types of sounds and vibrations, there is not enough evidence to show that this is 100% real. Actually what helps is the CO2 that we expel when talking that our plants can absorb, but playing music and talking to your plants, whether beneficial or not, is always an activity that we love to do with our plants.

Put nails or screws to add iron to the plants

This myth is completely false. Although nails and screws are made of iron, their iron is not in a form that plants can absorb and use for growth. Additionally, iron is an important nutrient for plants, but it must be in a water-soluble form for them to absorb it, and putting cloves in it won't really help them.

At Rootmate, we believe that plants are an important part of any home. We hope this helps you debunk all the myths you believed about plants and you can also incorporate better ones into your routine, and if you have one, share it with us, we would love to share it with the plant mates community!

Plant some love.

The Rootmate team.