Color Tips: Rooties & Interiors

If you have been following us for a long time you know that we love color, one of the most important reasons for Rootmate is to bring color to your spaces through the pots that house your plants. We know that choosing colors is key in interiors and can be overwhelming. Colors have the power to transform a space, they are part of harmony, style and personality. In this blog, we will show you three effective ways to combine colors and how to apply them to the decoration with our favorite colored pots: rooties. Read the entire blog and stop being afraid of color in your spaces.

The perfect complement.

A simple way to use color is using complements. These colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel and create contrast. For example, combining pots in orange tones like our Sticks Brick with The Half Blue or with blue tones in your space, this combination stands out and generates a dynamic visual effect in addition to creating balance thanks to the contrast. Remember to distribute the colors evenly in the space to achieve a harmonious result.

Analogues for a timeless look.

The combination of analogous colors consists of using close tones on the color wheel. This technique is ideal for creating calm and serene environments with our pots. For example, you can combine sea green rootsies in spaces with blue and yellow tones. This combination generates a relaxing and natural effect. Add natural textures and materials to enhance the connection with nature and create a cozy atmosphere.

Monochromatic forever.

Combining monochromatic colors involves using different shades, shades or saturations of a single color. This combination always stands the test of time and will allow you to have your pot and objects with you for much longer. This monochrome combination immediately creates a harmonious visual effect, allowing your entire space to stand out without creating distractions. Add standout elements or details in different materials and textures for a touch of contrast.

The right combination of colors can completely transform spaces, having color options even in the pots is important to maintain a consistent aesthetic, but remember that it is always important to experiment and give a part of yourself to your space and one way to do it is colors. So don't be afraid of color!

Bring some color with a rootie!

Stick Around

The Rootmate Team.