How to style Ultra Blue!

Ultra Blue is our new rootie color, a color designed for all matte plants. This is our guide to verify that ultra blue can make all spaces cooler and although this shade of electric blue may seem difficult to combine and daring, these tips will make even the most monochromatic ones dare to give a punch to their spaces.

Keep it simple

If you are a color pragmatist and see the world of color in the distance, you don't have to decide! Start simple, adding a little color to spaces that are neutral by incorporating a piece of ultra blue that becomes the touch of color that gives life to the entire space without sacrificing the harmony of neutrality. And voila, much more personality in your home.

Combine it with your other rootsies

Since we thought about bringing Ultra blue to plant mates, we knew it had to be a color that was friendly to all rootie colors so you could integrate it into your space. Our favorite combination is Ultra blue and Sand, because we love that it takes center stage, but you can try it with Blush, Brick or Blue for a monochromatic blue look. Which brings us to our next tip.

More is more

Ultra Blue more ultra blue! With your favorite color, it's never too much. Create a garden full of energy in your spaces by combining all the roots you want with this color. If you want to integrate it more into your space, we recommend incorporating similar tones in accent pieces, books and lamps in different corners. We assure you that your plants will be an immediate wow in your space.

Don't be afraid of color, Ultra Blue is a timeless color that makes any space feel vibrant, cool and full of energy. Fill the places you live with personality and even if you regret it (you won't), you will always have re-paint for your roots.

Send us photos of how you styled Ultra blue in your space, if you used our tips or if you styled them in your own way, we love seeing new combinations and sharing them with the plant mates community.

Stick around!

The rootmate team.