Not only light, but forever!

When we choose a pot for our space we consider many things, from how they look to the material they are made of. Rooties are designed to have all these characteristics that you are looking for in a pot. They are made of fiberglass, a versatile material that offers a series of benefits that we will tell you about later, but mainly because they last a lifetime.

Super Light:

Being made of fiberglass, one of the main advantages is that they are very light. Unlike other materials, such as ceramic or concrete, fiberglass is much lighter, making it easier to handle and move. This makes it very beneficial if you want to change the location of your rooties frequently or if you have large plants that need to be moved easily. In addition, this will make it not heavy for the structures or balconies where your pot is located.

Repairable (Re-paint):

One of the best features of fiberglass is that it can be very easily repaired or even painted again. Over time, pots can suffer from minor damage, such as scratches or bumps. But rooties can be repaired very easily. And if the decoration of your house changes, or your tastes change, we change with you with #Re-Paint. Re-paint is our service that allows you to keep your roots in excellent condition, preserving their original appearance or even giving them a makeover by changing their color to one of your preference!


One of the most important qualities when choosing a pot is durability. The roots

They offer high resistance and long-term durability. They are made to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as exposure to intense sun, low temperatures or even the humidity of your space. Additionally, they are less likely to crack or break compared to other more brittle materials. This will give you peace of mind that your rooties will be your companions for a long time no matter what.

Rooties are an excellent option for those looking for a light, durable, modern pot with a variety of colors. If you are looking for high-quality, versatile pots to beautify your plants, rooties are for you. Add a statement piece with a Rootie!

Bring us home with you!

The Rootmate Team.