Our roots.

During these months our community has grown, and the more it grows, the more we want to continue doing what we do. Today we want to return to our roots and tell you why Rootmate . What has been our path and what we have learned so far.

Our roots began when Fer Orozco (our founder) had his interior design office @estudiofernandaorozco. Which was characterized by its contemporary Art Deco style and a passion for color and details.

“We loved designing everything from scratch so that it was the exact color and exact size we were looking for for the project. The only thing we were never able to find was someone to make the pots for us.”

For the studio, the plants were the element that made the space they had designed come to life and be ready to be delivered to the client.

“The day we arrived with the plants we knew it was the day our project was complete, and ready to move in.”

It was this need to create the perfect pots for his projects that after long consideration he decided to close the design firm and launch Rootmate.

“The idea for Rootmate came about very organically and when the pandemic hit I knew it was time to launch this idea that I had been waiting for for so long.”

Still in the studio and with the latest projects, we got to work to create the ideal rootie: A friend for life. A design piece that accompanies you in all stages, that was easy to move and clear, full of color to be part of any interior or exterior space. After a lot of work, tests, experimentation with materials, measurements and colors, the roots arrived and our factory in Guadalajara opened its doors.

And so with masks on, the launch of Rootmate took place in October 2020.

Almost two years after our launch at Rootmate, today we are more than 20 mates who seek to sow originality and even if we water it, we continue to grow, believing in what we do to make our plant parents happy Rootie by Rootie.

We hope to see you soon in our pop-ups, via social networks, in our newsletters, and everything that comes. We always want to listen to you and make you part of Rootmate.

Thank you for planting with us!

Rootmate Team.