#MeetTheMate: Aranxa

We plant mates want to get to know each other, that's why today we introduce you to Aranxa who will tell us a little about her, her work at rootmate and of course her favorite rootie.

Aranxa How long have you been part of the mates?

I am going to be part of the rootmate team for 7 months.

May there be many more! And what do you like most about being a mate?

Every day I learn new things, there are always challenges and I get along very well with the entire team of mates. I also really like the contact with the plant mates and the ideas they have to transform their space with rooties.

Now tell us, what do you do at rootmate?

I am in charge of customer & team happiness, this means that I am in charge of the sales and customer service part and what I like most is being able to help the plant mates make the space they imagined a reality.

You are a distinguished team mate! What do you like to do in your free time?

It depends on the day, I can go with my husband to the house, a bar or the movies or with my parents or my friends to play a board game or have dinner. I am a very social person and my favorite moments are spending time with the people I love.

We love Aranxa, tell us more about your family

My family is small. We are my husband and my dog ​​Lana, we have been living together in the same house for 11 months and sometimes it can be a challenge, but most of the time we have a lot of fun together. We hope to soon expand the family, adopting another dog, so that the "votes" for whether to go for a walk or not are fairer.

Justice for Lana! And what are your hobbies in your time for yourself?

I love reading, my favorite book is The Story of the Fool by John Katzenbach, watching series, one that I am loving is Last Of Us , which is on HBO, I recommend it, and my favorite genre of movies is mystery, suspense and horror, the last one I saw was The Black Phone and it really had me on the edge of the couch.

Wow, how brave Aranxa! Finally, some quick questions!

What is your favorite book or movie? Harry Potter

What is your favorite food? Birria, pizza and mole poblano

And the most important and expected one: What is your favorite rootie and in what color?

The Cylinder in Brick.