Rootine Verdalia

At Rootmate we are a Plant Mates community where the world of plants and design converge to improve our lifestyle, that is why today we introduce you to Jessica from, part of our Plant Mates community who share your #rootine.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jessica and I am 27 years old. The main activity at is to share information and care tips, since the plant community has grown and now that we all have plants, the challenge is to maintain them and this does not have to be a difficult process. At Verdalia I have taught courses on plant care and knowledge. On the page I share reviews about different types of plants, how to identify them and how to care for them, as well as recommendations for nurseries or plant shops.

Where does your passion come from?

It was until I was at university that I took a subject that was tedious for most and consisted of working on Saturdays in the school garden and it was then that I began to be interested in plants and everything related to this world full of information and possibilities.

What is your best Plant Care Tip?

Know your plant and learn from it. This ranges from observing it, touching its leaves, knowing what it needs since they are not very different from us. Google it, see the hashtags on Insta, learn its scientific name and you will see how little by little you begin to know more about it and about other plants that are similar.

What is your #rootine with your plants?

Plants are part of my daily life because even though my head is full of pending tasks and stress, having a moment to look back at that space full of plants that was born from inspiration and care, instantly fills me with satisfaction. Seeing the green of my plants fills me with tranquility and life, it has the power to fill a space with harmony.

Definitely my favorite part of my routine is seeing my plants at night, around my entire house and taking time to water them and moisten them with the spray bottle, it is a relaxing activity to close the day well.

Thank you very much Jessica! Follow to learn their tips and Stick Around! in Rootmate Stories to learn more Plant Mates from our community.