Our values

Two years after our launch, we celebrate why we do what we do and what has brought us here: that your plants live happily and the roots accompany you for life. But there is still much more, behind what we do we always keep our values ​​in mind and for our anniversary we want to share them with the plant mates community.

Nourish your garden.

Like plants, we never stop growing. Take advantage of your time, learn and grow with patience, keep your mind well watered and open because you can always learn something new.

Mate Tip: Learning is everywhere! Observe the small details and listen to the words of wisdom, a great tree grew thanks to the earth that nourishes it. Make it a routine, start a new podcast that you listen to at the same time or an online course that has a schedule. Happy growing!

Care about your mates.

Use your energy to do well what you do and help others achieve it. Alone we grow slowly, but together we are an ecosystem. Ideas are always better shared, don't just take selfies!

Mate Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for help, even if you think you don't need it, asking a mate for help can make your relationship closer and build trust. Being able to help someone always feels good, it promotes the fertility of ideas with your family and friends. Better together!

We all water it.

It's okay to be wrong! If you water it once, two or three times is fine, but if you don't try to fix it then we all water it. Acknowledging our mistakes is another way to learn something new and accepting that we screw up is another way to continue growing. The best fruits come after the worst seasons.

Mate tip: Saying that we were wrong can be more difficult than just fixing our mistake, but sharing it and talking about it with your mates is much more enriching. Fertilize yourself from your mistakes, you won't regret it!

Plant Originality.

Our favorite question; How can we do this differently? Because the first idea is never enough, questioning how to make things more original is a must. We are all different, keep planting your ideas and don't forget to put them out in the sun.

Mate's tip: Don't be afraid to do something different and get out of your comfort zone, it can be difficult at first but the best ideas come from doing something different from others. Being original is our best distinctive. Be yourself!

Prune the darks.

It is in our roots to be kind and positive, don't let dry leaves and negativity stop you from giving your best. Making the people around you happier will make you happier #SmileItsContagious

Mate Tip: If it's not your day, that's okay! Don't let that stop you, but give yourself your time. Tell those around you that you are not feeling your best and they will understand and the next day you will be able to give your best again. Plant some love!

Make your mom proud.

Plant your best every day and ask yourself how you can do better. Recognize your achievements and share them, we all want to celebrate them with you. #MakeThemSayWooow

Mate tip: Be proud of yourself! Make the most of each day, we can always give a little more, share your achievements with those around you, they will be happy with you, sometimes you will make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them.

Thank you from the entire Rootmate team. Without our community, doing what we do would not be the same, share your plant mate tips with us, we want to hear them. Let's keep growing! We have many surprises to come for you.

Plant some love.

The Rootmate team .