The plant mate basic care guide

We present to you the basic care guide for plant mates, for those who do not know where to start, for experts who want to refresh their knowledge and for plant moms who only follow their intuition, we share this guide with tips that every plant mate needs to make your indoor plants happy.

1.Always look towards the bright side.

Rule #1 of a happy houseplant: receive the necessary amount of light. The sun is food for plants, no fertilizer compares to light. This is no secret but the lack or excess of light is a common mistake since when positioning them in their space the amount of sun is very variable and a small change can make a difference, for example: south-facing windows provide bright light. bright, east and west facing windows provide moderate light and north facing windows provide little light.

Pro Tip: Choose the right plants for the amount of light your space receives, this will give you an extra advantage in their care and maintenance. There is a plant for each space.

2.Don't overwater it!

Most houseplants on average require watering only once a week. It is more common to commit planticide due to excess irrigation and water stagnation than due to lack of water. To water correctly, pour enough water to moisten all the soil and let some come out of the drainage hole. Keep in mind that depending on the season of the year, your plants will need more or less water, for example in summer the soil loses moisture faster.

Pro Tip: To know if your plant needs watering, see if the soil is separated from the edges of the pot and the tips of the leaves are stiff or yellowed, then put your finger in the soil up to the first root (approximately 3 or 4 cm deep) to know if it is wet or if it is time to water.

3.Take root.

Keep your plant's environment as stable as possible, plants can become stressed when exposed to sudden changes. This is why keeping the temperature and humidity stable will keep your plants happy. The recommended temperature is between 20° and 30° degrees Celsius, and to maintain humidity you can spray them a couple of times a week or keep your plants together so that they maintain humidity between them.

Pro Tip: If you need to move them, it is best to move them gradually so they can acclimatize properly.


If your plant dries faster than normal and has stopped growing, it is very likely that it needs to be replanted. A common mistake is thinking that a new pot is needed, in many cases simply adding a fresh mix of soil with new nutrients is enough if your plant is already at its ideal size.

Pro-Tip: Before repotting your plant, loosen and stretch the roots of your plant and cut those that look unhealthy, just after replanting, water abundantly.

5.A little help.

Fertilizer can be your best ally at the beginning of spring or summer, which is when plants are in their growth stage, which is why a little help never hurts, organic fertilizers and compost are always the way. more recommended.

Pro Tip: Remember, less is more, it is only necessary once a year and if you recently repotted your plant we suggest avoiding it, since the new soil has enough nutrients.

Welcome to the plant mate club! With these tips you can start your path without committing planticide in the attempt, or if you are an expert, share your basic care tips with us. We would love to hear them and share them with the plant mates community.


Plant some love!

The rootmate team.