How to style your roots

A Rootie for everyone

Plants are increasingly important in the spaces we inhabit. Life is becoming more and more vertical, making plants essential and therefore designer pots become an important decision when designing your space, which is why our rooties are becoming more popular every day.

Today we want to share 3 tips on how to use your rootie with style.

Mix & Match

  • Rooties were designed to blend in and show off. During the selection of colors we chose colors that could be mixed with each other so that all combinations are possible.
  • Our favorite way to use rooties is by combining our designs, contrasting sizes and colors.
  • If the space is interior and small, we recommend mixing only designs and not colors. Maintain consistency with a monochromatic palette.
  • If your space has natural light and is perceived as spacious, we invite you to use two different colors, one in each design.
  • Finally, if your space is large and you already have a wide variety of colors and elements in your house, we recommend using rooties of the same color and mixing the designs.

Three alike

In general, in design and interior design, odd numbers tend to look better on several occasions. One way we love to see rooties is when the same pot in the same color is used three times and lined up. For example three medium cylinders.

This way of using it is for all plant mates who are more minimalist and enjoy a more organized design.

Pro tip: For this type of design it is important to have enough space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Statement piece

We love every angle of our rooties, we design them so that no matter where you put them, they are the ideal design piece for your space, it can be your bedroom, living room, office

or even a hallway. Let it be the protagonist of your space, or the element that complements it by choosing your favorite design and placing it on its own.

Pro tip: We recommend using the color that most contrasts with your space to achieve a wow effect in your space where your rootie is the design piece that stands out from the space.

Send us photos of how you designed the rooties in your space, if you used our tips or if you styled them in your own way, we love to see new combinations and share them with the plant mates community.

Stick around!

The rootmate team.